You’ve been waiting for Naros Fortuna

No not Narcos. It’s easy to mix them up but as the Edinburgh-based band, Naros Fortuna assure me, they have no relation.

The name Naros Fortuna actually has a far more innocent tale that lead singer and guitarist, Andrew tells: “My mum had a horse named Frankie for what seemed like forever,” he says. “The week it had to be put down we were in the process of naming the band. So we decided to call the band after Frankie’s show name: Naros Fortuna”.

Naros Fortuna just released their new single ‘Seems I’ve been waiting’. Get it on ITunes, Spotify or Amazon Music.

The band is made up of three 21-year- old guys who are all in their final year of studying music. You have Andrew and then there is Fraser on drums and Gregor who plays bass. Their sound is closer to Pop Rock but they want to avoid tying themselves down to one genre. Lets put it this way; they embody different styles to express themselves, but they always remain themselves.

The band just released their new single ‘Seems I’ve Been Waiting’ last Friday, which they played for the first time at the Sneaky Pete’s venue in Edinburgh’s Cowgate. The single was well received by the live crowd as well as by online listeners.

Andrew felt extra pressure prior to the release having wrote the song. A song can mean a lot to someone, but perhaps most to the person who wrote it. It’s therefore always fascinating to ask about the meaning behind the carefully constructed lyrics. “It’s when something happens in a person’s timeline that will make them change their frame of life,” says Andrew, “and that they disregard things that have happened before”.

Naros Fortuna live at Cottiers in Glasgow

Andrew has been a songwriter for a long time and writes all of the bands original songs. Even though Naros Fortuna is a relatively new band, you can’t tell that from their performances. Music has been a part of their entire life as they are all experienced musicians. “Fraser and I have known each other for years,” says Andrew. “We both played drums in the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.”

It’s common knowledge that making it big in the entertainment industry is never, and never will be, easy. Edinburgh is just one of many cities packed with talented bands all eager to take the spotlight, but there’s not enough room for everyone to shine. Despite that, they are confident in their talent and Andrew says they have never experienced rivalry from other bands. “I would say that we all help each other out. Acting as competitors would be focusing our energy in the wrong place”.

The three boys’ energy is put towards the band, as it is their number one priority. As soon as they graduate they will pursue music full time in the hopes of a breakthrough. “We are fully aware of the risks. We know them all, but we are hard workers and have been since we were young. Plan A is our band. Plan B would be distracting from plan A”. What they have already brought to the table holds the promise of a successful future that they are waiting for you the be a part of.

Naros Fortuna’s new single Seems I’ve Been Waiting

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