Ready, Steady…Prep!

Staying healthy, eating right and working out – this can often seem impossible to fit into day-to-day life. Rachel Lee spoke to Daniel Wicksted about his meal delivery service, 80/20 Prep, which offers that much-needed helping hand.

From the moment Daniel Wicksted wakes up, he launches straight into a busy day of work. Daniel is his own boss; therefore, the success of his business rests on his shoulders. The 23-year-old developed the business plan for 80/20 prep with his self-taught knowledge and experience of nutrition, along with his natural talent for cooking. Clearly a mentally driven individual, Daniel has built an extremely reliable and popular business in a little under a year.

“The whole business plan is off my own back,” said Daniel. “I’ve self-taught myself everything in lines of cooking – it’s just another passion of mine as well as the nutrition side and I combined the two together to come up with the idea of 80/20 Prep.”

Going to the gym can feel like a chore, but 80/20 Prep takes the hassle of cooking out of your day by delivering delicious, healthy meals to your doorstep.

“Nobody really has the time; you tend to think, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and tomorrow is not the answer.”

Daniel and his delivery van

As a former boxer, Daniel understands the importance food has on an athlete’s performance. In fact, it was the common sports phrase that getting into or staying in shape is “80% eating right and 20% exercise” that inspired Daniel to name the business 80/20 Prep.

80/20 Prep client and Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths, has credited Daniel’s nutritiously balanced meals for helping him be in the best shape of his career – and the reason behind his recent glowing reviews of his performance on the pitch. Daniel customises bundles upon his clients’ requests in regards to what training they are doing. He also offers halal and vegan options – all of which are freshly made.

As Daniel points out, “You wouldn’t run a diesel car on petrol and expect it to run well – food is purely a fuel source to help you out.”

Daniel recently sat ringside at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingleston, and watched on as his client Josh Taylor defended his WBC silver super-lightweight title with a ninth-round knockout of Miguel Vazquez. Speaking of his well-known and respected sports star clients, Daniel said, “It’s an honour to help them both out.”

Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths – a customer of 80/20 Prep

80/20 Prep’s client base is growing week after week. Although currently exclusive to Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife, Daniel plans for the food prep service to supply the whole of Scotland by the beginning of 2018. In order to cope with the growing demand and expansion of his business, he is currently in the process of settling into a bigger unit in Edinburgh. On top of supplying the average gym-going Joe and some of Scotland’s top athletes, he hopes to supply gyms and open a health food café in the near future.

Like anything worth doing in life, Daniel has found running his own business to have its drawbacks. Maintaining a high quality product and with 80/20 Prep being in high demand, means that Daniel works seven days a week. He is going on holiday in January to Dubai for a well-deserved break – but even that will double as a working holiday to look into someday expanding 80/20 Prep abroad. Nevertheless, overall, he is extremely proud of how well the business is doing due to his hard work.

“When I look back to myself even six months ago…it’s great how much everything has come on. When I feel stressed out I just think back to that.”

Daniel would encourage any young, innovative person to push through any barriers they might face whilst moving towards their goals.

“I’ve listened to too many negative thoughts and comments but now I live my life by positivity. I would 100% follow what you want in life and don’t stop until you get there.”

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80_20 food bundles ready to go