Moonlight Zoo

Dunfermline band Moonlight Zoo have worked hard this year to make a name for themselves.

They’re playing at festivals up and down the country and creating new music for the new year. I
caught up with Jamie Adamson, Reece Dobbin and Sean Defrancesco who make up the band.

Their previous jobs helped them come up with their distinctive name. Frontman Sean describes the
process: “We had hundreds of terrible names before deciding on Moonlight Zoo. We all used to
work in the nightlife industry – mainly PJ’s (PJ Molloys – a live music bar in Dunfermline) and
Moonlight Zoo was a pretty accurate description of what happens to people after dark.”

Each band member tells of a different musical influence that has helped them create their unique
sound. From well-known musicians such as Tame Impala, to some more close to home: “Growing up
and watching bands play at PJ’s, it gives you a belief that you could do it.”

The band have played at several big festivals this year, including Isle of Wight and TRNSMT in
Glasgow Green, and have previously supported acts such as The View.

(left to right) Reece Dobbin, Sean Defrancesco and Jamie Adamson

However, they say that they don’t feel pressure when performing in front of big crowds, as they play for fun.

Sean says: “Playing at the same festival as the likes of The Who, Stereophonics and Queen is a great achievement, and we make sure to prove why we’re on the same stage.”

This year has come with its challenges though. When asked if it was difficult getting down to the south of England, I was met with an overwhelming “yes!” Reece was quick to add: “We left at three in the morning and didn’t arrive to where we were staying until three in the afternoon.”

With an ever-growing presence and now tens of thousands of plays on Spotify and Soundcloud, it’s
easy to see why the band is attracting attention. With a new single set to be released in February, it will be interesting to see what 2018 brings for Moonlight Zoo.