Weezer at o2 Academy, Glasgow Review

It’s fitting that Rivers Cuomo took to the stage draped in a robe and a crown, because it truly felt like the Glasgow audience were being addressed by the king of the nerds.

It had been twelve years since Weezer last played in Scotland, and the crowd of the sell-out venue were ready to jump around and let go. From opening track, King Of The World, the audience were bouncing up and down, singing every word. It was a happy range of people in attendance, from greying office types who have been with the band since the 90s, to teeny boppers just discovering this wonderful mix of pop, power and pounding riffs.

The set was a great balance of new songs, such as latest single Feels Like Summer, to nostalgic gems like My Name Is Jonas. The group even pulled a hairy fan from the crowd to play guitar on The Sweater Song, and whilst this was a feelgood moment, you could sense the jealousy radiate around the room.

Dampened only by the lacklustre sound in the venue, Weezer conquered Glasgow and left everyone feeling like everything was going to be all right. Here’s hoping that next time, they don’t wait so long to return.

Weezer preforming at o2 Academy in Glasgow