Seeing The World Through Football

Most people will tell you that travelling the world ranks high on their bucket list. Seeing the world has become our top aspiration, and is something only a handful of people manage to do in a lifetime.

For one young person, travelling the world has become a reality rather than a dream. Following his lifelong football team Celtic, 23-year-old Gerry Currie has seen almost all of Europe: from Germany and France, to Norway and Sweden.

What started as a trip to Manchester 14 years ago turned into the adventure of a lifetime for Gerry. The camaraderie that comes with following his team stretched not only to Celtic Park in Glasgow, but to stadiums across the world.

“My first game outside of Scotland was the short bus journey to Manchester to see Celtic play Manchester United,” Gerry tells me.

“I’ve since been to Germany three times, to Hamburg, Monchengladbach and Munich, Milan in Italy four times, Barcelona twice, as well as Seville and Villarreal, Aalborg in Denmark, Manchester a further three times, Malmo in Sweden, Molde in Norway, Zagreb in Croatia, Paris in France, Anderlecht in Belgium and Sion in Switzerland.”

Gerry in Germany In October for the Celtic v Bayern Munich game

Travelling to all these countries means that Gerry has seen some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, the Rhine River and La Sagrada Família. But going to Croatia and Belgium were some of his highlights:

“Zagreb was surprisingly one of my favourite trips, and the other one has to be Anderlecht. Out of the amount of times I’ve travelled, I had yet to see Celtic win away in Europe and I finally got that this year in Belgium. What a feeling it was!”

But sometimes travelling is only as good as those you travel with, and for Gerry, travelling with his mother, Annette, is one of the best things about it.

“Me and my mum have travelled everywhere together, she was the one who got me into going to the games,” he tells me. “It’s the best feeling having something you and your mum both enjoy and it brings you so much enjoyment every weekend. A lot of people are surprised when I say I go with my mum, but it was my grandpa who took her to the games to watch my uncle play when he played with Celtic in the 80s. It’s rubbed off on me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The gratitude and love coming from Gerry when he talks about these trips with his mum is palpable. Travelling together isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

“I’m very grateful to my mum for taking me to my first ever Celtic game, never mind taking me away in Europe from the age of 10. She always thinks I’ll leave her to go with my mates because I’m older now, but that will never happen because I can’t be more grateful for everything that woman does for me.”

Gerry and his mum, Annette, travelling the world together for Celtic games

There’s so much more to being a loyal, dedicated football fan than just watching the home games, and no one can argue that Celtic fans as a whole are some of the most loyal fans across world football.

Celtic fans have recently been awarded the FIFA Fan Award at the Best FIFA Football Awards for their 50th anniversary tribute to the Lisbon Lions, so it’s no surprise when Gerry says that travelling with fellow supporters “makes the atmosphere” of the trips.

Showing his love for Celtic is something Gerry enjoys most about his trips, and what better way to show that support than to follow them around the world?

“Going to the football to see Celtic is one of the things I was brought up with, but going away in Europe to see your team play the best of the best is a different kind of feeling. Feeling so proud to wear the colours of your team and showing the rest of the world why we have the great reputation that we have. It’s phenomenal.”

Young Gerry as a mascot for Celtic