Sample Music – Impulse talks to Louis Wygowski from WATGOOD

Music is something that, for most of us, plays a big part in our everyday lives. We listen to it when commuting, when we’re with friends, when we feel good and when we don’t.

But how much do we really know about the music industry? We spoke to Louis Wygowski, who performs as WATGOOD, to find out more.

Imagine a rookie musician: you picture a young artist, instrument in hand, playing in cafes, bars and charity gigs just to get recognition. Louis, however, says that in the digital age this isn’t the case.

“I come from a background of making the music in my bedroom and releasing it from my bedroom. I tend to not play live shows, specifically not in Edinburgh, because the music scene’s not right. “

His music has a bright and layered electronic sound. Each time you listen to a track, you’ll notice a different element or new detail. Louis’ kind of music clashes with Edinburgh’s more traditional and “folky” music scene, so most promotion is done online. This means that fans are fans because they genuinely love the music, not because of their proximity. This in turn allows Louis to branch out and not have his success limited by what people in Edinburgh want to listen to.

Louis Wygowski

For Louis, there’s no such thing as a typical day or routine – but when he doesn’t have a muse, one of the ways he spends his time is making sample packs.

If you’ve never heard of sample pack but consider yourself a music lover, there’s no shame. They’re an integral part of the industry, but a part that those not directly involved will know little about. Louis explains:

“To create a sample pack is to make a sample of audio. It can be anything from a chord loop to a kick drum sample. They’re essentially just little sections of audio tracks that anyone can buy and use in their music. You can purchase them, they’re royalty free and you can do what you please with them.”

“Most money comes from sample packs. It’s a market where even streaming is making more money than selling songs.”

Louis says that the sample pack market is liberating. It means he can make the music he wants to make, without having to release new songs all the time. It allows him and many other up and coming artists to fuel their ambition and is a part of the music industry that you probably didn’t know existed.

WATGOOD can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.