Chasing the Dream: How one man moved from Aberdeen to Glasgow to start his own business

Boredom can lead to many things, some more productive than others. For Daniel Mutch, 20, it led to the creation of Cornerstoned Productions, his own Glasgow-based music promotion service.

Back in May, Mutch’s band Foxes Follow played a single release show. Everything was going fine until two weeks before the show.

“The promoter suddenly decided it was a DIY event, and left everything to me. It was a bit of a nightmare, but I pulled everything together in the end,” Mutch recalls.

This was the gig that kicked everything off, and five months later, it’s taking up most of the 20-year-old’s time.

“Working in music is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to have a record label and put on gigs. It was something I was planning later on in life, when I could get more money behind it, but I got bored and I got sad and I thought ‘you know what, I’ll do it now.’ It’ll happen.”

Currently Glasgow-based, Mutch is hoping to expand to a management service reaching Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen in the future. 

Chasing the dream: after playing in a band for two years, Daniel Mutch moved from Aberdeen to Glasgow to start his own promotion service.

Despite being from Aberdeen, Mutch thinks Glasgow is the prime location for his business.

“Growing up in Aberdeen, the music scene was really good, but in the past couple of years it’s turned into one big promoter and only a couple of people doing DIY things to keep the scene alive.

“I feel like Glasgow is the best place in Scotland to do this, there’s a lot going on in the music scene and it’s more of a community than it is elsewhere.”

Just like with anything else, putting on gigs isn’t always easy.

“Getting people to come along is probably one of the hardest things. It’s hard to make people commit to going places, especially when it’s a paid event,” Mutch says.

Still, it seems to be worth it.

“Sometimes it does get really busy and the bands are great. At a show a few weeks back we were 30 people off capacity and the atmosphere was really good and everyone came away really happy. That’s why I started doing this.”

Considering how little time Mutch has spent in the business, he’s pleased with himself. With his first gig outside Glasgow coming up in January, he’s still expanding and learning.

“It could be going a lot worse. I’m not homeless or living on the streets because I’ve lost all of my money to music so that’s a good thing. That’s the dream, if you can work in music and not be homeless, that’s what everyone wants,” Mutch says and grins.

Band Why No? performing in Broadcast

If you want to see him live, the next gig he’s putting on is for Elevant and Tongue Trap on November 14th.