Alter Bridge at the Usher Hall Review

“Can’t we all just get along?” quips a slightly annoyed Myles Kennedy as the house lights are brought up in the Usher Hall. A fight has broken out in the crowd, and security is rushing in at all angles.

“If you wanna come to our show and fight, you can just get the **** out!” This is met with a roar of appreciation from the near sold out crowd.

This momentary blip does not dishearten the crowd present for US rock group Alter Bridge’s first venture in the capital. From opening tune, The End is Here the audience are belting out every word. The impressive 21 song set spans the band’s five albums, and the, mostly, tipsy crowd are loving every moment.

It’s a more intimate setting from the group’s last Scottish date, selling out Glasgow’s Hydro last December, but this show doesn’t feel like a step down, instead more of an intimate evening and a chance to get a little closer to these veteran rockers.

The night is capped off with a guitar duel between Kennedy and lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, showcasing the sheer amount of face melting talent the two have musically, before the final song Rise Today, perhaps one of their most recognisable tunes, brings the night to an end.

For a band that were once simply seen as a Creed spinoff, Alter Bridge continue to dominate any crowd before them. Fans left happy, scrambling for any plectrums thrown into the crowd. Alter bridge conquered the capital on this evening, proving that they are one of the top rock bands on the scene today.

Myles Kennedy