Hitchhiking for charity

To the daydreamers of adventure and wanderlust, to those whose feet are itching to stand in new soil; adventure is closer to home than you may think: Edinburgh RAG (Raising & Giving) invites students in and around Edinburgh to attend an annual hitchhiking race, starting from the capital to designated cities throughout Europe.

This year Edinburgh RAG are quite rightfully celebrating their most successful charity event yet, Race2Paris, which raised an outstanding £60,000 for charity through generous donations from around the globe. Over 100 contesters of this year’s event were safely tracked on their travels when they hitchhiked the 680 mile journey from Edinburgh to Paris on the 4th of November. Overall, the 60 pairs took only 58 hours to reach Paris.

The idea of these annual events organised by Edinburgh RAG is to encourage contestants to reach a select designation with spending as little (or none) of your own money on transport as possible. To take part in a Race2Paris event, a team of two people are required to raise a minimum of £500 for a charity of your own choice. Clara Montgomery, event organiser of Race2Paris, is encouraged Impulse readers to take part:

“Everyone should 100% do a Race2Paris event. I did the Race2Prague in 2015 and its one of the best things I’ve ever done, I wish I could do another one! Plus it raises an amazing amount of money for charity. Raising the £500 and the hitchhiking itself is easier than you think so don’t let it put you off.”


“The race is open to anyone over 18 as long as one team member is in a higher education institute in Edinburgh. There is a pre-race meal as well as a post-race prize giving celebration. On arrival to the designation, a bed in a hostel and a night out is organised for all of the hitchers. Each year the Race2Paris is getting bigger and better!”


Edinburgh RAG also holds a sister hitching event called ‘Jailbreak’ which challenges participants to endure a spontaneous adventure by hitching as far away from Edinburgh as they possibly can, in just 48 hours. Previous contesters of ‘Jailbreak’ have successfully made it as far to see Gran Canaria and Chicago!

If you have been swayed and would like to take part in a once in a lifetime charity event hosted by Edinburgh RAG, you can find the charity group on their Facebook page here or email hitches@escaonline.org for more information.